6 Simple steps to achieve healthier eating this Christmas

November 30, 2017

  • A fruit with breakfast
  • A vegetable with dinner
  • Alcohol only on weekends
  • Eat at home during the week, as much as possible
  • Eliminates added sugar from coffee, chocolate, juices
  • Substitute a white lunch starch for a whole grain as your favorite product Mr. Natural

Step 1

Make sure you have a good breakfast. Get up at an appropriate time and prepare a breakfast rich in fruits, vegetables and proteins. This will take care of hunger during the day and will help prevent the urge to overeat during the Christmas dinner.

Step 2

If your family is organizing the Christmas dinner, make sure that a healthy and nutritious element, either a salad or vegetables cooked in olive oil, is included in the menu.

Step 3

After your breakfast, make sure you eat healthy food after three hours. A couple of oatmeal cookies to keep hungry or a small lunch are ideal.

Step 4

At the most anticipated time of the Christmas banquet, be sure to measure your portions. Your first round of food has to be the healthiest. Choose the salad, vegetables and a protein. The best thing is to fill yourself with healthy food and then in the second portion you are more full and choose to eat the basics.

Step 5

Accompany your dinner with a glass of natural water or fruit, no added sugar, no juices.

Step 6

Take a cup of tea before, or instead of, dessert. Tea has a lot of antioxidants, and liquid fills, so you're less likely to have two dessert servings.

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