How are your goals?

02 for February, 2018

Speaking of which we spent the month to organize, to think about what we were going to do, how, how much and all that story ... we think it is appropriate to return to fitness goals for the year. We share 3 key aspects to achieve it.

In January we have all the energy and good cheer, but between the reheated, the threads of kings and return to routine, we postponed our plans. In short, we let the lazy triumph while we continue complaining that the little markets bother us.

Beyond the superficial, it is another month that we leave our health aside for comfort. But it does not matter if it's Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, February, April or November. The time to take action on the matter is now and not tomorrow. The only thing that separates you from the body that you want to have and how you are now, is you.

Next, we share 3 key aspects to achieve it:

  1. Consume favorable foods in abundance: vegetables, fruits coming from cereals, they have to be the main source of vitamins, minerals and fiber in our diet. In addition, this type of food is rich in carbohydrates, so they provide us with energy.
  2. Drink water: It is essential for our body and is the most appropriate drink to accompany our meals, staying hydrated will make your body work as a new car. Although we know that water can be boring and that sometimes we do not enjoy drinking it, a good option is to drink it with a few drops of lemon, to give it a pleasant flavor.
  3. Doing physical activity. Walk, dance, move. A little physical movement is important to maintain a healthy weight and even more, to enjoy good health.

So today breathe, stretch and take action on the matter. Everything you propose is achievable if you really work on it. You know what you can do! Do not leave it for later and start acting now. With your goals, you will surely achieve it and your body will thank you.

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